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WhiteBit: SaTT registration, purchase and token exchange

To give you a more simple and more user-friendly experience, we’ve created tutorials on the various exchange platforms for which SaTT appears.

Additionally, you will find an outline that can help you to comprehend certain technical terms.These tutorials aim to clarify the procedures to be taken using these systems:

  1. Sign up for your own account
  2. Secure your account by using 2FA
    Complete and verify your KYC
  3. Purchase SaTT via the website
  4. SaTT on this platform. SaTT through this website
  5. Exchange your SaTTs

Important Reminder :

For portfolio managers like WhiteBIT or SaTT A transaction that has been validated is definitive.

There can be no possibility of retracing actions once you’ve validated an transaction.

First step: how do I make an account?

Fill the different fields: Fill in the various fields:

  1. Your email.
  2. The password you use (please use a password that is secure).
  3. Confirm your password.
  4. If you have an affiliate link, fill in this field. Otherwise , leave the field blank.
  5. Review the platform’s terms of service and privacy policy, and make sure to tick on the appropriate box.
  6. Make sure you’re not a resident of any of the countries listed by using on the checkbox.
  7. Click on [REGISTER].

On the next screen, WhiteBit asks you to confirm your email address. To confirm this simply visit your email account and open the email sent by WhiteBit and then hit to [CONFIRM email[CONFIRM EMAIL]

You will be automatically directed to the WhiteBIT website.

As registration confirmation is taking place, click on [LOGINAfter confirmation, click on [LOGIN.

You will be automatically directed to the login page for WhiteBIT.

Check that the URL corresponds to

Input the information in spaces email as well as Password and then enter the captcha

Your account is now being set up. Now let’s protect your account with 2FA and also complete your KYC details.

Second Step: Protect your your account by using 2FA and completing KYC


  • Select HTML0 to open the symbol (1) to the right of your browser, and then select [NOT verified[NOT VERIFIED] (2).
  • Click on the tab [SECURITY]
  • You will be directed until and then the ” Two-factor authorization” (2FA) section.
  • For security of your account by using 2FA, you’ll require an application like Google Authenticator to install on either your Android and Apple phone.
  • After the application has been installed, scan your QR Code or enter manually your code by clicking”GENERATE NEW.” [GENERATE NEWAfter that, you can scan the QR Code next to [GENERATE NEW.
  • A 6-digit code is generated, lasting for 60 minutes. Input this codein it in [2FA CODE field. It will be recognized automatically from the application.

It is when the “2FA” status of your account will change between Active and Disabled.


  • Go back to this homepage. Clickon the tab [Verification].
  • Complete all the required fields “Personal Information” and ” Residential address”.
  • Select at the link [NEXT STEP[NEXT STEP].
  • Choose the kind of identification proof through click on the appropriate button.
  • In this example the identity card has been chosen.
  • In the menu, UPLOAD THE FRONT SIDE Click [UPLOAD or DELETE FILEon the tab. Place an image of the face of the ID card. Repeat the process with the tab. for the back. SIDES.
  • Complete the tab [EXPIRATION DATE].
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page then click [NEXT STEP[NEXT STEP].
  • Complete and read the various guidelines for taking selfies.
  • After that, you can insert the image after clicking [UPLOAD or DELETE FILE[UPLOAD OR DROP FILE]. After that, click [SENDthe file].
  • After you’ve submitted your request you will be waiting for an answer from WhiteBit.

Step 3: Purchase SaTT using USDT.

Do you not have USDT yet?

  • No worries ! You can buy USDT directly on WhiteBIT with the credit card you have.
  • Click to the left of the top to open to the WhiteBIT logo.
  • Click on [BALANCEthen click on [BALANCE and then click on [SPOTThen click on [BALANCE] and then [SPOT.
  • You will be taken to the pop-up “[MERCURYO].
  • Then complete the fields in the following order:
  1. Currency: Select [USDTUSDT in the drop-down menu.
  2. Amount to Buy: Insert the amount in USDT that you want to purchase.
  3. Pay in USDT with: Choose your preferred currency that you wish to purchase your USDT with and then verify the amount.
  4. Deposit address for Exchange:The deposit addresswill be generated automatically.
  5. Learn the Mercuryo Terms of Service and make sure to tick on the appropriate box.
  6. Select at the link [PROCEED to pay[PROCEED TO PAYMENT].

    Next, checkthe information, toggle the button “I Am afraid of the Terms of Service“and select [BUY].

After the payment has been validated after validation, the USDT balance will be charged with the purchase amount.

You can find the value in USDT in the last page.

  1. Within the search field [Searchin the field [Search in the search box, type ” SaTT“.
  2. In the row that has SATTin the row, select the Arrow.
  3. Click on [USDT].

Under the menu [BUY SATT] tab Select the type of order you want to purchase and then trade USDT for SATT.

The information is provided at the end of this glossary it is recommended to conduct your own investigation regarding the various types of orders that are offered by WhiteBIT.

You have now all the cards you need to swap you USDT to SaTT!

Do you have USDT that you want you to move it over into WhiteBIT?

Nothing could be more simple!

Clickon the [DEPOSIT]button on the USDTrow.

The popup below will be displayed.

  1. Check that the button [ERC20Make sure the button [ERC20] is selected correctly Otherwise, press it.
  2. If the exchange from which you would like to transfer your USDT accepts QR Codes, go to the section for withdrawals [USDT] of your exchange. show your QR codeof your WhiteBIT deposit account and proceed to transfer all or a part or all of the USDT.
  3. If the service where you would like to transfer your USDT is not compatible with QR Code, simply click the yellow”COPY” button to copy the WhiteBIT deposit address and then paste it into the”USDT withdrawal” section of your exchange. Then move on to transfer all or a portion from your USDT.

After confirming your transaction through the blockchain and confirming your transaction on the blockchain, you USDT will be added in the WhiteBIT wallet.

  1. On the screen [Searchin the search box in the field [Search], search for ” SaTT“.
  2. On the left side of the table, click the Arrow.
  3. Click on [USDT].
    In the section [BUY SATTin the tab [BUY SATT Select the type of order you wish to place and then sell USDT in order to purchase SATT.

The is listed at the bottom in the glossary you should conduct your own study regarding the various types of orders that are offered from WhiteBIT.

You now already have the right cards on possession to trade you USDT to SaTT!

Step 4 Step 4: Deposit your SaTT to WhiteBIT.

If your existing accounts are on SaTT and would like to move them over into this exchange here’s the steps to follow.

  • Click to the left of the top to open WhiteBit’s logo. WhiteBit logo.
  • Click on [BALANCEthen click on [BALANCE and then click on [SPOTClick on [BALANCE] then on [SPOT.
  • Within the box [Searchin the search box In the search box, enter ” SaTT“.
  • Click on”Deposit” in the menu [DepositClick on the tab [Deposit.
  • The following pop-up is displayed.
  • Be sure to only make a deposit of SaTT at this address.
  • Copy the deposit address you have entered by pressing the button that is above the red Arrow.
  • In our case we will concentrate specifically on the platform we have created.
  • Go to your SaTT wallet or to the platform where your tokens are located.

Because SaTT has the status of an ERC20 token, ensure you have ETH in your account in order to pay for the transaction costs.

  1. Copythe address you copied onto the platform.
  2. ChooseSaTT” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Input the sum you would like to transfer via the website. Be sure to subtract the charges that are listed on the gray box.
  4. Input your account password (you may revisit our blog article on transaction passwords)
  5. Click this button [CARRY the transactionto complete the transaction.

A popup window will pop up to confirm your purchase.

Once your transaction is validated After validation of your transaction, you will be able to access your SaTT will be accessible on WhiteBIT.

Step 5 Step 5: Redeem your STT

  • You can exchange your SaTT via WhiteBIT to exchange USDT. You can also trade your USDT to other currencies If you want.
  • To do this, click [BALANCE(1)] (1) and then [SPOT(2). (2).
  • In the “Search”field in the [Search] field, type ” SATT“. Next, select upon the “arrow and then click on USDT.
  • Under the menu [SELL SATT] tab Select the type of purchase you wish to use and then you can sell SATT for USDT.
  • According to the bottom of this glossary do your own investigation on the various kinds of orders provided through WhiteBIT.
  • Congratulations! You now are holding all your cards you need to swap your SaTT to USDT!

Airdrop SaTT Holder

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The following glossary of the technical terms that are used during this course to aid you to better understand the subject.

For banks and large corporation Know Your Customer is a method in confirming the authenticity and identity of its customers to stop fraud, corruption as well as tax fraud, and financing of terrorists. It also assists in ensuring the security that the system of finance. This process involves gathering and analyzing information about the customer and verifying their identity. This process continues throughout the duration of the relationship by analyzing the customer’s behavior and transactions as well as assessing their risk levels.

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)Two-factor authentication is one of the so-called “strong” security methods. It permits you to present two different documents to sign in to the account. You can gain the access of your account by using 2FA.

Limit Order / Market / Stop-Limit :

Make sure you conduct your own investigation of the various sell orders available by the marketplace.

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